Intro to Mongolia

Enjoy the widespread nature of Mongolia. Nearly all of our tours stop in Ulaanbaatar with options to visit Hustai National Park, the open steppe at Elstei or the Gobi Desert.

Mongolia (along with Irkutsk) is one of the must-see stops on any Trans-Siberian trip. It is a totally unique destination and one most people vow to return to one day. The open steppe, searing deserts, huge clear blue sky, warm hospitable people, genuinely nomadic culture and starlit nights make Mongolia make most people vow to return to one day. Our programs are designed to show you the best of what this fascinating destination has to offer in the relatively limited time a stop as part of an overall Trans-Siberian trip affords.

Monkey Business offers a variety of activities in Mongolia, from idyllic and relaxed Elstei Ger Lodge, to more active Camel Treks in the Gobi and Specialist Jeep Treks to see the unique charm and corners of the Mongolian Steppe.


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