OSBM3I – Siberia and Moscow


This tour stops in Irkutsk, with a side tour to Lake Baikal where you will stay for two days in the beautiful village of Listvyanka on the shore of Lake Baikal and with one night back in the city. You continue on to Moscow for an exciting train journey.

Route Map

Route map

Trans Siberian Route map from Beijing to Moscow stop in Irkutsk



€ 1,120 – OS-BM-3I 行程价格
€ 495 – 北京到伊尔库斯伊尔库斯克升级成高级软卧(两张床一个包厢)


✓ 猴子公司旅行资料手册, 全程当地中文导游服务,软卧火车,(4张床一个包厢)
✓ 乌兰巴托: 全程接送,一晚上蒙古包住宿
✓贝加尔湖: 巴士从伊尔库斯克城中心到Listvyanka 村庄, 1个晚上家庭旅馆住宿  (包括早餐和欢迎餐l)
✓ 莫斯科: 接站, 1个晚上酒店, 两天城市景点游览
✓ 圣彼得堡:接站,一个晚上酒店, 两天城市景点游览
✓  圣彼得堡飞回北京的机票

PRICE EXCLUDES: Not included in the price are visa costs, extra accommodation and tours in Beijing and Moscow, onward travel to St Petersburg and out of Russia, food on train.

Day to Day Itinerary

早上11:22从北京出发, 每周三发车
下午13:20到达乌兰巴托. 导游接站城市游览后去 草原. 蒙古包住宿1个晚上 (D)
早饭后去当地牧民家, 导游陪同回到乌兰巴托市中心送到火车站乘坐13:50[#5]次火车前往伊尔库斯克
下午15:39 到达伊尔库斯克, 导游陪同到贝加尔湖边家庭旅馆1个晚上
导游陪同,湖边游览, 午饭后返回伊尔库斯克城市游览 乘坐晚上18:34[#69]次车的火车前往莫斯科
早上04:10 到达莫斯科, 专车接站 送到酒店. 早上10点导游陪同城市游览,
克林姆林宫,午饭后随同导游去莫斯科当地市场近距离体验当地的风俗习惯,马戏表演.晚餐专车送站23:00乘坐 #26 次车前往圣彼得堡
06:39 到达圣彼得堡, 入住酒店, 1个晚上. 上午城市游览, 下午冬宫
夏宫 晚上 航班返回北京中途莫斯科转机(7号没有直飞北京的航班)

All prices based on two people sharing.  Single Supplement applies if you travel as a group and request your own hotel rooms. Train travel is based on a standard four berth second class cabin. Upgrade to a two berth first class cabin is available on some routes subject to availability.

Price Notes

International trains have standard class (four berth) cabins. On some trains you have the option to upgrade to first class (two berth) cabins.

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